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New Cairo to develop at expense of rest of Egypt? – Interview with World Finance

World Finance interview on Egypt Aug 2015


Interview with World Finance on Egypt’s Suez Canal Project and Economic Prospects


Interview with Financial World Aug 2015



Discussing the imminent demise of GOLD on Seeking Alpha…



Is ISIS a threat to Saudi Oil Fields?!

Discussing how U.S. airstrikes against ISIS will impact oil and smuggling in the region, with Burdin Hickok. 

ISIS Threat to Saudi Arabia Oil Fields CNBC


Kurdish Peshmerga move into Kirkuk countering Islamic extremist moving down from Mosul

Iraq- teeters on the brink of collapse

Iraq- teeters on the brink of collapse




Saudi Arabia, Iran and Oil prices

Video link to CNBC:

CNBC Nov 14


Crisis in Syria: Impact on regional oil exports

cnbc finish

See my interview on CNBC with Brian Sullivan and Mandy Drury regarding the imminent US strike against Syria and potential impact on regional oil supplies. http://video.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000195128



The Fed – Getting Back to “Normal”

The Fed’s tapering should not be viewed as a reduction in their accommodative monetary policy; rather the Fed is anxious to return to a more normal posture in the financial markets and to regain flexibility of action to respond to future market panics.  Historically (pre QE) an accommodative Fed position in the market would be reflected in a steep positive yield curve. A positive yield curve is made up of lower short term interest rates and higher long term rates. In an effort to rebuild the demand of a devastated housing market; the Fed, through QE, has forced the curve flatter during a period of monetary accommodation resulting in historically low mortgage rates. Recent data does argue that the Fed’s stimulus targeting housing has worked in spite of continued credit tightening by banks unwilling to lend. The current yield curve explains to a large extent bank’s hesitation to lend.  Banks generally borrow short and lend long.  A relatively flat yield curve does not create incentives for banks to lend because spreads are too narrow. Indeed the traditional response to a restrictive money policy is a flat yield curve as the Fed seeks to cool the economy by reducing credit. So, during this recent emergency move described as quantitative easing (QE), the Fed has been working at cross purposes by targeting retail demand for mortgage while reducing incentives for banks to lend. Read More


Brent/WTI Crude Oil Spread – Complacency or Just Fundamentals??

Brent - WTI Crude Oil Spread May 2013



  • Greatest risk level since early 2011 to sudden spread widening due to real or perceived supply disruption/ headline risk.
  • Supply/demand fundamentals continue to pressure the WTI/Brent spread lower towards the long term average of +/- $5.
  • As North American production continues to increase and replace imported oil increasingly the WTI/Brent spread will reflect and be contained to Brent oil price swings.
  • OPEC continues to reduce production, $90 per barrel price acceptable to OPEC and OPEC expects increase in demand from improving economies in the second half of the year. Read More


The Walls of the Fallen – OIF

The Names of the Fallen - Operation Iraqi Freedom.  FOB Warrior, Kirkuk, Iraq.

The Names of the Fallen – Operation Iraqi Freedom. FOB Warrior, Kirkuk, Iraq.

On these walls are the names of the fallen soldiers of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The walls remain on what used to be FOB Warrior in Kirkuk, Iraq. Painted by their colleagues these walls would form a great foundation for a memorial in Washington, D.C. for all the fallen during this War on Terror.  Remember them and all who have fallen or been wounded defending freedom and the United States this Memorial Day.